Renewed series pure carrier oils

Posted On Sep 19, 2022

The Botanical Pure Oils series is now with renewed design and packaging volume. After a conducted consumer survey, Ikarov introduced two main changes to the series:

  1. The 100 ml packaging is replaced by a 55 ml.
    The survey found that 100ml was used for too long period of time. After the first opening, the product is used more than 3 months, which creates conditions for oxidation and rancidity of the oil. 55 ml aims to preserve the oil qualities in the optimal usage period ( up to 1-2 months) by the consumer.
  2. The design is changed in order for every single oil to be immediately recognizable.
    The brand’s clients shared their difficulty in differentiating the items due to their uniform color. On the boxes there is now depicted the ingredient of the carrier oil, aiding the quick recognition of the product.

There were also three NEW products included in the Botanical Pure Oils series:

Olive oil with Squalene in a 30 ml glass bottle with a pipette, which is suitable for both face and body, as well as hair. Squalene occurs naturally in the sebum of human skin, but as we age, its production decreases. Vegetable squalene is non-greasy, strengthens the natural hydro-lipid layer of the skin, does not oxidize, leaves a silky feeling and fights the signs of aging. Olive oil protects dry and inflamed skin, prevents dehydration, absorbs quickly and protects against free radicals and the polluted environment. The product helps to restore the scared skin from wounds and spots caused by UV radiation.

Almond oil with Lemon and Almond oil with Orange in 55ml packages. These multi-functional oil and aromatic blends are suitable for use mainly on the body.The lemon essential oil in one of the items stimulates and energizes the senses and cleanses the skin. The orange essential oil in the other item relaxes the senses, helping to relieve stress and lift the mood.

The renewed packaging replaces the previous one and can be found in the retail from the middle of September. The carrier oils are NaTrue certified, with a guarantee of naturalness and purity.

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