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Masters in crafting blends from pure plant oils and essential oils. Experts in creating high-performing formulas that actually work. Proven beauty care professionals.

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    Our History

    Masters in crafting Blends from Pure Plant Oils and Essential Oils

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    Our Founder

    More about our founder Ivaylo Penkov

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    Vision, Mission, Goal and Values

    We think honestly, we speak frankly and we act fairly

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    Quality Guarantee

    By our founder Ivaylo Penkov

Masters in crafting Blends from Pure Plant Oils and Essential Oils. Experts in creating high-performing formulas that actually work. Proven beauty care professionals.

IKAROV was founded in 1991 as a family company driven by a passion for natural ingredients. Our journey in personal care started when our founder Ivaylo Penkov discovered the incredible power of plant and essentials oils. At the time, the available oils were limited so we started providing the Bulgarian market with products like almond oil and skincare solutions.

After establishing IKAROV, Ivaylo opened his first laboratory, developed his blending skills and enriched the company’s products with a variety of new pure oil blends crafted by himself. Some of the most commonly used active ingredients in the oil blends include rose absolute, rosewater and rose oil extracted from the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.

The growing demand for top-quality cosmetic oils brings us back to 1997 when the company launched Ikarov Botanicals, an innovative cosmetic line consisting of natural plant oils, essential oils, and herbal oil extracts. The year is quite significant for IKAROV as we developed our groundbreaking aromatherapy line suitable for home use. Prestigious wellness centers and professional massage therapists around the country still use these oils in their practice.

A curious fact about our company is that all cosmetic formulas are still designed by our founder Ivaylo himself who has strong experience in developing cosmetic products with а genuine know-how. With our commitment to purity, every single oil blend is first tested in the family. We strongly believe that if our products are good enough for us or our children they could be offered to the consumers as well.

Growing as a company, in 2002 we implemented and constantly maintain a certified quality management system based on ISO 9001. Furthermore, we ensure that all of our blends are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standards requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Over the years, we’ve been rewarded for our contribution to developing natural skin and hair care products. In 2002, the local association “Made in Bulgaria” recognized our aroma face care line with a “Silver Lion” award. In 2012, the European Commission’s Economy Directorate acknowledged IKAROV as one of the most significant companies in the natural beauty industry.

Creative approach and innovative knowledge are what we employ in our work.
Our development strategy is built upon the following goals:

  • To stay relevant to our customers by providing products with improved formulas based on pure, organic and raw materials with a proven origin
  • To implement new environmentally friendly packaging methods
  • To ensure fair wages and good working conditions for our employees
  • To strengthen and extend the relationships with our partners

What makes our company successful is the contribution of our employees. At IKAROV we celebrate the efforts of our people by building long-lasting relationships with them. Most of our specialists have more than 10 years of experience within the company while some of our senior experts mark their 20-year anniversary.

We stay true to our mission to provide top-quality blends of natural ingredients, derived from plants by a sparing their quality technology. We are extremely proud to deliver products that combine both the beneficial and healing effects of pure plant-based and essential oils. We strongly believe that everyday skincare unfolds an incomparable harmony and a natural sense of timeless beauty.