Certified natural product

Added natural antioxidants

 Suitable for night time use

We do not do tests on animals

Only the natural aroma of the pure plant oils

Without ingredients or products of petrol origin

No animal derived ingredients or by-products

Botanical Face Care

Two-step Natural Face Care For Mature Skin

Rosa Damascena


100ML & 30ML 3.4FL. OZ. & 1FL.OZ.

The set contains a Bi-Phase Cleansing Lotion consisting of Bulgarian floral rose water and jojoba Golden oil, and a Revitalizing face oil with organic Rosa Damascena & neroli for mature skin.

How It Works

  • the Bi-Phase Cleansing Lotion gently cleanses the skin from the impurities of the surrounding environment
  • removes makeup without irritating the eyes, while the jojoba oil nourishes the eyelashes
  • the face oil nourishes and softens
  • revitalizes and brightens the complexion
  • slows the ageing process

Active Ingredients

Bi-Phase Cleansing Lotion

  • rose water from Rose Damascena
  • jojoba Golden oil

Revitalizing Face Oil

  • Natural essential oils from Rosa Damascena, neroli, sandalwood, frankincense, petitgrain and geranium
  • Bulgarian Rosa Damascena absolute
  • olive phytosterols
  • himalayan bamboo extract
  • natural antioxidants – vitamins Е and C, lecithin

Directions For Use

Suitable for everyday care, morning and evening. Do not use in case of allergy to any ingredient! Keep away from children! For external use only! Shake the cleansing lotion well before use until the two phases are mixed and immediately apply on a cotton pad. When applying the oil avoid contact with eyes!


**Bi-Phase Cleansing Lotion**

**Revitalizing Face Oil**
PRUNUS ARMENIACA KERNEL OIL (Apricot kernel oil), TRITICUM VULGARE GERM OIL (Wheat germ oil), OLEA EUROPAEA OIL UNSAPONIFIABLES (Olive oil - olive phytosterols and squalene), COCOS NUCIFERA OIL* (Coconut oil), ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER OIL* (Rosa Damascena essential oil), ROSA DAMASCENA EXTRACT (Rosa Damascena absolute), CITRUS AURANTIUM AMARA FLOWER OIL (Neroli essential oil), SANTALUM ALBUM OIL (Sandalwood essential oil), BOSWELLIA CARTERII OIL (Frankincense essential oil), CITRUS AURANTIUM AMARA LEAF/TWIG OIL (Petitgrain essential oil), PELARGONIUM GRAVEOLENS OIL (Geranium essential oil ), BAMBUSA ARUNDINACEA STEM EXTRACT (Himalayan bamboo extract), ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (Rosemary) EXTRACT, TOCOPHEROL (Nat. Vit. E), ASCORBYL PALMITATE (naturally derived oily soluble Vit. C), LECITHIN (from vegetable oils).


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